Our Weight Loss and Hair Loss Duty!

Hair loss and weight loss are two big issue in our world today. One is affecting our health and the other is affecting our self esteem. We are have or know someone who has experienced one of these issues and we know how bad it can be for someone to have to go through it. This website hopes to being different information on hair loss and share experiences and advice to those who are suffering the same issues. Whether it be androgenic alopeica or a thyroid issue that is causing you to gain weight and you’re not sure how to handle it.

By giving readers a perspective on thing we are looking to really make a difference to help those out and give them an outlet to go to so they can better understand and deal with these situations. So please feel free to take a look around the site as we continue to update it.

Let’s Talk Hair Loss

Let’s talk about hair loss and how it effects us as people. We all ( well most of us ) want to look the best we possibly can. We dress nice, we whiten our teeth, and we spend a lot of time styling our hair to make sure that it looks good. But when we start to lose our hair, something in us starts to freak out. For a lot of people hair is super important in how they look. We can all relate to how having a “bad” hair day can just really ruin the rest of the day and set the tone for how we feel.

So if having a bad hair day can make use feel so terrible, what does something like androgenic alopecia do? Once we start to notice our hair falling out slowly and starting to thin, we start to freak out hoping that it doesn’t get worse. However, what happens when it does? What happens when the long shiny hair we once had is starting to thin and fall out leaving you with a receding hair line or a bald spot on the back of your head that is slowly growing bigger and bigger? For most people this can be a devastating time and can mean a lot of different things to different people. visit http://www.guideforhairloss.com/androgenetic-alopecia-natural-treatment/
We all live in a world where image seems to be everything. In a social media driven world where people post selfies, instagram pics, facebook share etc. People are becoming more aware of their image as it’s now being shared and spread across different social media platforms. And when we post on social media platforms comes comments, memes you name it. You photo can be target of jokes and ridicule, so it’s no wonder why people are more self conscious of what they post online and more importantly, how they look. So with that being said lets talk about some of the treatments for hair loss and how one can try to reverse balding and keep their natural hair.
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First of you can start off with medications like Provillus or Procerin. These medications are topical treatments that you apply to you bald area as well as a supplement that has natural vitamins to help promote growth and strength for your hair. You take these medications every day and keep taking them, however, once you stop taking them it’s not longer effective. So unless you’re ready for a commitment I would suggest not taking any medications and just embrace the hair loss because trying to cover up something can actually draw more attention and make it look alot worse. Plus, bald men are starting to become a sex symbol with the rise of super stud actors sporting the bald look.

One area in which you could avoid a type of hair loss is traction alopecia. This is when you put constant friction on your hair line due to extremely tight braids or caps that you wear non stop. This can easily be avoided and you shouldn’t have to worry about it if you don’t wear any of these styles.
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